Pune- An ideal destination of building shelter.

What drives us in our lives? – Aspirations! It’s our aspirations that make us think beyond the ordinary and push ourselves to achieve it through hard work. Every living being on this planet works hard to accomplish a comfortable shelter because we all aspire to live, not just survive. In recent years the experts of the real estate industry have been observed that Pune among all western regions of India, Pune is emerging as one of the best livable cities of India. We have already noticed the initiation of many top projects in Pune. Despite the uncertain market conditions, Pune manages to stand tall in this competitive real estate world and continues to appear as a desirable destination for home building and investing purposes.

Now the question arises, why is Pune emerging as the most preferable location?

Pune is a beautiful blend of the traditional values dressed in urban swag! The city provides all the favorable conditions for growth and offers a wide range of opportunities. As the second-best city of Maharashtra, Pune has allured citizens of India by its progressiveness. Everyone wants to settle down in Pune after watching its tremendous growth in all sectors, and the city gives a breathing space to one and all, offering massive employment, and world class educational facilities. It always takes the spotlight with moderate weather conditions, a clean and green environment, and massive industrial growth. Moreover, Pune is expanding its dimensions, which is creating better investment opportunities! The suburbs and outskirts of Pune also possess immense potential to all MNCs and ITs for office setup. All these governing factors are helping the real estate residential sector to flourish, as we have observed from the growth in the population of migrants too!

Here we present some enticing facts of Pune:-


Pune as a Smart City encountered enormous growth in the residential and commercial sectors due to the arrival of big brands and consequently, it generates employment opportunities too! The availability of world-class educational institutes has also encouraged the migration of youth. The city’s pleasant environment and outstanding infrastructural facilities add more value to it. Pune is successfully dominating the real estate sector with an amazing rate of appreciation in property prices and its close proximity to Mumbai (financial capital) is also playing a vital role in the city’s demand! Pune has always been known as one of the best cities for education because of the prestigious schools and universities here. It is now also a thriving commercial city with abundant employment opportunities, especially in IT and MNC sector.


One thing that has dominated the mindset of consumers for years is connectivity. Nobody wants to invest in an area that is far from prime locations, where one needs to deal with a lot of traveling for day-to-day activities. Undoubtedly, IT and Big Brand settlements are the prime reasons for this development in real estate market in Pune. The city offers extraordinary transport facilities and the future availability of the metro will enhance the city’s accessibility even more!


Realistic property prices are the main attracting point for real estate builders and buyers. Segment-specific investment is important as buyers like to invest in properties which are suitable for their particular needs. Keeping in mind the point of affordable housing, it is necessary to understand the developments in areas like Bhugaon, Baner, etc, which offer all the necessary amenities for realistic prices. This is an individualistic approach as buyers prioritize their needs and budget accordingly before investing. Pune has a good supply of reasonably priced residential properties that generate a good demand from home buyers.


The growth in the number of large peripheral areas of the city has led to a marked improvement in the infrastructure within the city. Initially only limited to central areas of the city like Bund Garden, M.G Road, Koregaon Park, and Deccan, now the outer areas of the city like Aundh, Baner, Pashan, Wakad, Bhugaon, Paud Road among a few others, also enjoy good infrastructure which has led to increased demand for flats and apartments in the emerging areas of Pune.

Real estate in Pune is growing as quickly as the city itself! Parts of the city that were considered as the ‘outskirts’ a few years ago are now thriving localities with new lifestyle options, influx of malls, and international restaurants. While the older parts of the city boast of beautiful old family homes, the newer areas are perfect for students, young professionals, and nuclear families looking for flats in Pune.

In this ever-evolving real estate industry, Pune has successfully grabbed the first and foremost position for settlement purposes. Pune is becoming the flag bearer of fulfillment. Offerings by Pyramid Lifestyles suitably fit homebuyers’ needs across every category. Pyramid Lifestyles is one of the most trusted real estate companies in Pune, providing the best row houses and flats in prime locations across Pune. Through remarkable real estate development values, Pyramid has carved a niche for itself as one of the reputed RERA Registered builders in Pune enhancing the city’s skyline!

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